The ISS and the Flat Earth

Chapter 17

The ISS and the Flat Earth

      In the previous chapter, you learned that Freemasons have played a major role in maintaining and perpetuating the heliocentric model. Members of the Masonic order have permeated and dominated our government and scientific institutions. NASA astronauts have purportedly traveled to the moon with their Masonic flag and apron packed in their suitcase. Subsequently they clandestinely performed ceremonies on the surface of the moon. Since we know the astronauts were in a Hollywood-type studio, all of this theatre smacks of comedy if it weren’t presented as deadly serious.

       Now let’s take a look at another NASA invention, the International Space Station (ISS). The first component of the ISS was launched into low earth orbit in 1998 and the last pressurized module in 2011. More components will be added, and the station is expected to remain operational until 2028.

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