Meteors and Meteorites on on the Flat Earth

Chapter 13

Meteors and Meteorites on the Flat Earth

      In the previous chapter, you learned that astronomy on the flat earth may be something entirely different than what we have been led to believe. There is the distinct possibility that what astronomers see through their massive telescopes is a hologram, a theory entertained by theoretical physicists and one that fits into our flat earth model.

        But, what about meteors and meteorites? Aren’t these solid objects like the one that killed the dinosaurs? Since meteors are objects that enter our atmosphere from so-called outer space, where do they originate? If the meteor survives to reach the ground, it is labeled a meteorite. We can find craters in various parts of the world that are attributed to meteorites.

 I'm Halley.  I see Earth every 75 years because I'm programmed in the Firmament.

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