Extraterrestrials and the Flat Earth

Chapter 14

Extraterrestrials and the Flat Earth

       In the previous chapter, you learned that meteors and meteorites are explained either by the electromagnetic properties of our flat earth dome or by objects falling from planes or drones or originating from weapons or other types of tests. Moreover, prehistoric craters are the result of underground activity. The dome over our flat earth is not periodically penetrated by space debris.

      But, what about the reports of extraterrestrial vehicles, including the 1947 event at Roswell, New Mexico? How can “aliens” be explained on the flat earth? Since space travel is not possible on our flat earth, that must mean that extraterrestrials cannot visit earth from outer space.

      The fact is that it is entirely possible for extraterrestrials to visit our flat earth, and conversely for us to visit them. Rest assured that you can believe in alien visitation and the flat earth at the same time. The one fact we can be certain of is that aliens do not get here from traveling through the so-called vacuum of space.

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