Antarctica Truth vs Fiction

Chapter 3

Antarctica Truth vs Fiction

     In the previous chapter, you learned that openminded and determined scientific research has revealed that we do not live on a spinning sphere, but rather a flat earth far different than what for decades and even centuries we have been led to believe.

      Now, let’s look at the most commonly proposed and accepted flat earth map. (See below)  You will immediately notice that in this flat earth model, the earth is round and bordered by a perimeter of ice. The Arctic with the North Pole lies at the center of the flat earth and is surrounded by the northernmost continents.
      But, where is Antarctica? The closest continental land mass to Antarctica is the southern tip of South America. Notice that here you see ice jutting out in that section of the ice perimeter. That is because this is the most familiar and explored coastal area of Antarctica. Yet, on the flat earth map, Antarctica is not a continent, but rather the ice wall that surrounds Earth’s oceans.


Flat Earth Map Circle_edited.png


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