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         We live in a world that is constantly changing. Governments and media demand conformity in our beliefs and behavior. But, what if our beliefs are based on disinformation and lies that are perpetuated to control the general population while only a few elite guard the truth, intent on keeping it corralled in obscurity?


         Flat Earth for Dummies 101 covers the major topics of the Flat Earth comparing it to the heliocentric theory of a spinning ball. Topics include Space Travel, Astronomy, the ISS, Antarctica, Gravity, Extraterrestrials, Meteors, Tides, the Sun, the Moon, Circumnavigation, Curvature, Freemasons, Gravity, Religion, and Why the Subterfuge?


         Illustrations make each topic easy to understand. Cartoons at the end of each chapter provide humor that contributes to the enjoyment of understanding the Flat Earth movement. Each chapter is annotated with a list of references, many in the form of web addresses. A recommended reading list, You Tube Channels, and a metric conversion chart are included as appendices.


         This book is a stepping stone to further research into Flat Earth. However, once you have read it, you may actually become a Flat Earther!

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